Pieter Wycoff

Co-Host of The Commode Code

Pieter is a passionate believer in restroom etiquette with a slight case of hyper-vigilance that makes it nearly impossible for him to turn a blind eye. His many years in the high-tech industry of the Pacific NW has given him unique insights into the common themes and common crimes in the restroom. His goal is to help people learn what is right and wrong in the restroom and in doing so, help them lead a more rewarding, productive life, free of derision.

Outside of his lengthy restroom studies, Pieter has too many kids which puts tremendous pressure on his beer drinking schedule. Nonetheless, he still finds time to brew (and consume) ample quantities of ale. His other hobbies include: Playing music (drums, guitar, and bass), windsurfing, surfing, falconry, alchemy, Sepak Takraw, and macramé. He was formerly a competitive footbag player but years of wear and tear have left him unable to play at a high level any longer.

Only you can prevent Restroom Crimes!

Pieter Wycoff has hosted six Episodes.